Azores For All

Cresaçor is a company of touristic animation operating since 2005, and through the brand AZORES FOR ALL promotes social, accessible and cultural tourism in the Azores. We promote the democratization of tourism in the Azores, by offering services and activities for both locals and tourists, with or without special needs.

Therefore, drives an eco-tourism office in Sete Cidades, in partnership with Candelária Youth Association and a Cultural Tourism Office in Ponta Delgada, in partnership with Carlos Machado Museum. Along with other services offers jeep safaris, walking trails, canoe trips, adapted transfers, excursions and games, joelette walks, adapted equipment and cultural audio guides.

Turning the Azores accessible


A pluralistic arquipelago


With nine islands and many more landscapes, colours and textures, the Azores offer an incredible diversity that appeals to all tastes. Sea or mountain, blue or green, nature or culture; a mosaic of beauties is waiting for you in the Azores!



Exploring São Miguel without barriers


The Island of São Miguel, where we operate, is the biggest of the archipelago, with 62.1 km in length and 15.8 as its maximal width - and gathers more than the half of the Azorean population (137.856 inhabitants in 2011). Due to its development in terms of infrastructure and to the diversity of services available, this gateway to the Azores is also the most accessible.


Azores for All offers assistance in all phases of the journey, provides transfer from and to the airport with an adapted van, proceeds to bookings in hotels adapted to our clients’ personal needs and above all organizes adapted activities and excursions.


Cultural Tourist Office 


Cresaçor drives this Cultural Tourist Office in Ponta Delgada, in partnership with Carlos Machado Museum being able to offer touristic information directly to clients, to promote cultural events and services of touristic animation such as cultural tours, tours in adapted van and rental of support equipment.

Address: Rua Santa Bárbara nº 18 - Ponta Delgada

GPS Coordinates: 37.742235, -25.667759 (Check the map)

Facebook: Azores For All

Eco-Atlântida store


Cresaçor drives this Eco-Tourism Store in Sete Cidades, in partnership with Candelária Youth Association. Besides providing touristic information and offering biking and conoeing services, promotes the local development of the rural area while offering nature friendly services and solidary economy products. These products are produced by Solidary Economy Institutions settled in the Azores. The value obtained with the production is used to invest in training and personal/professional development of individuals.

Address: Rua Nova, 45 Sete Cidades

GPS Coordinates: 37.862139, -25.796639 (Check the map)

Facebook: Eco-Atlântida